Artifacts in Nigeria

Nigeria is endowed with numerous cultural heritages that are sourced from the diverse ethnic groups in the country. Various cultural assets and artifacts are normally found in the country’s big cities and state capitals, like the National Arts Theatre, the elementary center for art performance, and the Nigerian National Museum in Lagos. The national museum […]

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Cultural Integration – Nigeria

Location Nigeria is a West-African country located on the west-African coastline. Its geography is diverse that stretches from arid to humid equatorial climates. However, the country’s most diverse feature is the people living in the country. Nigeria has hundreds of ethnic dialects, including Yoruba, Hausa, Ibibio, Igbo, and English. The country’s official language is English,

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Study in Nigeria

The Nigerian education system consists of six years of primary education, a junior secondary school for three years, senior secondary school for three years, and four or more years in the university. English is used as the medium of instruction at the tertiary institution levels. The Universities in the country are grouped as the first,

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Volunteer in Nigeria

Nigerian traditions are still respected in the country. It is one of the biggest economies in Africa; therefore, a volunteer experience in the country will make one have an exciting experience. Volunteer programs that one can take part to volunteer in the country the health care where one can offer volunteering services to administer basic

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Festivals in Nigeria

Nigeria’s cultural festivals take place among the different ethnic groups to celebrate and show their cultural heritage. These special occasions are celebrated to honor the different gods and deities of the ethnic groups or in the fulfillment of various cultural and religious rites. Apart from the normal wedding, birth, death, and rites of passage ceremonies,

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Invest in Nigeria

Nigeria is largely dependent on the oil sector, which provides the country with 95 percent of foreign exchange earnings (Mauritius Trade Easy; Investing in Nigeria). The oil sector also gives 80 percent of the sector’s budgetary revenues (Global EDGE; Nigeria Economy). The country’s significant trade partners include China, India, and the Netherlands. Most of the

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Merchandise in Nigeria

Nigerian government revenue is divided or put under various that including revenue from oil, non-oil merchandise, and the federal government independent revenue. The main government finances in the country are oil and non-oil revenues. Oil revenues are those that proceed from selling crude oil, petroleum profit tax, rent, and royalties. The non-oil revenues, on the

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