Artifacts in Rwanda

Rwanda, through the institute of museums in Rwanda, is taking part in preserving their cultural artifacts to be learned by future generations (Rwandan artifacts can boost tourism). Recently, Rwanda’s colonial master, Belgium, provided Rwanda with various artifacts which their colonial masters took during the colonial period and are preserved in the country’s museums (Ferdinand, 2019). […]

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Famous Dish in Rwanda

Foods prepared in Rwanda are made from locally grown ingredients. Rwandese traditional breakfast can entail porridge and sweet potatoes, while lunch and dinner are normally heavy and may comprise dishes like isombe, ugali, or Matoke, among many other recipes. Plantains prepare Matoke. Plantains were introduced by Southeast Asians to the African continent back in the

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Study in Rwanda

Rwanda’s education system is based on a 6-3-3-4 system where a kid will undertake a six-year study for elementary education, three-year junior secondary school, three-year senior level of senior secondary education, and a four-year program for higher education in the university (USA Study Abroad). Its education system is ranked number 120 globally, making it one

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Invest in Rwanda

Rwanda is a developing country with diverse sectors where investments can be made, which include mining areas, tourism, and agriculture. Rwanda is known to have unexploited ores. The mining sector forms the second largest export in the country’s economy, and there are exploration works that are underway to identify and delineate more deposits from minerals.

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Festivals in Rwanda

Kwita Izina The festival is a ceremony held to name gorillas, and during this festival is the best time to visit and explore volcanoes and national parks (Visit Rwanda). The festival is normally held in Kinigi. Discussion, music, and dancing are made on the country’s great slides where the gorillas have been conserved. Kigali UP

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Rwanda Merchandise

The major foreign exchange earners of Rwanda are mining, tourism, and agricultural products like tea and coffee. The largest foreign exchange earnings in Rwanda is tourism. The sector is growing rapidly, and its revenue is seen to increase annually. It is then followed by the mining sector. The mineral resources mined in the land include

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