Famous dish in Egypt

Like many other facets of their being, Egyptians have also maintained their culture through foods and recipes. The majority of their foods are representative of their culture and rich history. Their dishes are also highly diverse contrary to popular opinion. The Egyptian Falafel makes the top of the list, popularly known as Ta’meya. Ta’meya is

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Artifacts in Egypt

Egypt has a rich culture that has been passed on for millenniums since the era of pharaohs. Over the years, however, the country has also integrated foreign culture into its practices. For around three millenniums, Egypt has focused on nurturing their pharaohs’ cult and constructing imposing stone structures, otherwise known as the sole survivors of

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Festivals in Egypt

The Egyptian society and culture have always maintained their strong connections to religion. As such, the majority of the festivals and events in the country and Islam-related, given that it is the dominant religion. However, they also integrate their ancestral traditions into these celebrations, especially ones that are connected to life along the Nile River

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Study in Egypt

Because Egyptian universities are so aggressive and provide a high standard of education to their students, they consistently position high in the yearly rankings that compile the best institutions from across the globe. Studies are provided in the English language, and you have the option to enroll in a preparatory course if you feel that

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