Artefacts in Uganda

Both traditional Uganda is known, and most of the African communities are known for basketry as traditional baskets have been used by the majority of the African communities, particularly the women, to carry some light goods. An example of an African community is one in Kenya from the Agikuyu community who call the basket ‘kiondo.’ 

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Famous dish in Uganda

The Ugandan staple food is ‘matooke’ from bananas. Unripe bananas specifically meant for cooking are boiled and can be served with meats, soups, or groundnut sauce in most homes. The common source of proteins in the country are groundnuts, fish, goats, eggs, chicken, beef, and termites and grasshoppers in seasons when they appear in bulk.

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Festivals in Uganda

Festivals The multilingual status of Uganda sets the tone for the country’s popular festivals. The festivals are correlated with the diversified ethnic communities and the Christian religion. Music tends to be the key element in the country’s festivals, for example, the B-Global Indigenous Hip Hop Festival. This is Uganda “This is Uganda” festival is done

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Study in Uganda

The education structure of Uganda’s education system is of seven years of primary education, six years in high school, and three to five years of post-secondary education. The country has some of the best universities in East Africa, with the best and largest in the country being Makere University (UniversityGuru). It is the most prestigious

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Volunteer in Uganda

Peace is currently reigning in Uganda as compared to years back after its independence when individuals who were greedy for power staged coups to take the presidential seats. Peace in the country has led to both economic and population growth. Volunteers programs have been created to help society have basic needs like health and education.

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Invest in Uganda

The Ugandan government has encouraged investing, and in 2019, it established the Uganda Investment Authority (UIA). The investment Code Act 1991 is set to the root agency of the government to enhance, coordinate, facilitate and encourage investments in the country (Uganda Invest). The government aims to attract and retain value to add both domestic and

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