Mexico Merchandise

Mexico is regarded as a middle-income country that leads in Latin America’s income per capita and has a free market with a highly export-driven economy. The elementary source of foreign income in the country is oil export. The country signed the NAFTA agreement in 1992 granting the United States and Canadian organizations and companies to […]

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DR Congo Merchandize and Partnership Programs

DR Congo is largely regarded as the world’s richest country with natural resources. The estimated worth of the untapped deposits of raw materials is over USD 24 trillion (U.S. Agency for International Development, 2021). In the Katanga region, minerals extracted include cobalt, cassiterite, copper, zinc, germanium, gold, platinum, and uranium among many other minerals. Other

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Rwanda Merchandise

The major foreign exchange earners of Rwanda are mining, tourism, and agricultural products like tea and coffee. The largest foreign exchange earnings in Rwanda is tourism. The sector is growing rapidly, and its revenue is seen to increase annually. It is then followed by the mining sector. The mineral resources mined in the land include

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Kenyan Merchandise

Kenya is known for its huge exports of tea, coffee, and flowers. It exported about USD 1.2 billion in 2020 (Mwaniga). The figures make the country the third-largest exporter globally. Tea exports are mainly done to Pakistan, Russia, the UK, and the United Arabs Emirates. In the same year, Kenya exported about USD 229M (Mwaniga).

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Merchandise in Nigeria

Nigerian government revenue is divided or put under various that including revenue from oil, non-oil merchandise, and the federal government independent revenue. The main government finances in the country are oil and non-oil revenues. Oil revenues are those that proceed from selling crude oil, petroleum profit tax, rent, and royalties. The non-oil revenues, on the

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