Artifacts in Mexico

A tremendous transformation has taken place in the Mexican culture from its early civilizations to its recent history, and the impact varies differently in different parts of the country. The rural areas and the country’s live cities play significant roles in defining Mexico’s vibrant community cumulatively. The cultural heritage including the artifacts found in the […]

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Famous dish in Mexico

Mexican food is considered to be one of the best and most beloved cuisines in the world. The country’s cuisine was officially adjudged as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO (Zimmermann & Gordon, 2022). Corn is the Mexican staple meal found in most both traditional and modern dishes. Tamales and empanadas among many

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Mexico Merchandise

Mexico is regarded as a middle-income country that leads in Latin America’s income per capita and has a free market with a highly export-driven economy. The elementary source of foreign income in the country is oil export. The country signed the NAFTA agreement in 1992 granting the United States and Canadian organizations and companies to

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Study in Mexico

The Mexican education system is sub-divided into three parts. Attending school at these three levels is compulsory. The sub-division entails primary schooling for a kid of six to twelve years, junior high school for children of twelve to fifteen years, and the high school level for fifteen to eighteen years students. Its education is connected

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Volunteer in Mexico

The diversity of Mexico with its rich and colorful culture, exceptional foods, and screensaver-worthy sceneries are among some of the numerous reasons one can volunteer in the country. Volunteering in Mexico can be through various ways such as in business development, construction and infrastructure development, caregiving, education, and environment; like in the conserving the marines,

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Festivals and Events in Mexico

Mexico has several festivals celebrated countrywide and those that are celebrated only in a given community. The festivals range from birthday celebrations to festivals conducted nationally such as the “Day of the Dead.” The birthday celebrations are different. (La mordida) is a birthday celebration that is conducted by tying a child’s hands behind the back

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