Artifacts in Ghana

Ghana maintains a national registration for tangible heritage as well as an inventory of cultural property that is protected. Sculptures, pots, jewelry, stools, weapons, musical instruments, ceremonial dolls, fabrics, leather works, clothing, and masks, are examples of Ghanaian cultural heritage. The stools are more than just everyday objects; they become reservoirs for their proprietors’ souls […]

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Study in Ghana

Ghana’s education system is overseen and organized by the Ministry of Education. There are four levels in the system: primary school, junior secondary school, senior secondary school, and tertiary education. Although English is the official language of teaching at all stages of education, native languages are also utilized in elementary school, depending on the locality

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Volunteer in Ghana

Despite the fact that Ghana’s economy is developing, there is a substantial economic divide between the poor and the rich. This suggests that the country’s low-income areas are in desperate need of assistance. Volunteers are needed to support understaffed schools, underfunded healthcare clinics, farming activities, and more (Coles, 2015). However, most volunteer opportunities are humanitarian

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Festivals in Ghana

Celebrations in Ghana are usually extravagant, whether they are to celebrate religion, ancestors, rites of passage, or harvest. Many of these traditions are based on long-held habits, and each region has its own distinct culture (Akyeampong, 2018). The Fancy Dress Event is a masquerade festival conducted annually on January 1st by the people of Winneba

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Invest in Ghana

As Ghana works to establish a more sustainable economy, it is critical that the country continue to attract fresh foreign investments. Ghana has continually drawn significant foreign investment and has a long history of trading with the rest of the world (Mensah–Belley, 2019). Ghana is one of the continent’s most stable democracies, offering investors a

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Tourism Attraction in Ghana

Ghana is an enchanted land rich in history, culture, landscape, and wildlife. Ghana’s tourist industry contributes significantly to the country’s GDP and attracts foreign investment (Mereku, 2018). Kakum National Park, Labadi Beach, Elmina Castle, Cape Coast, Lake Bosomtwe, Lakeside Marina Park, Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park, and Mausoleum are among the greatest tourist attractions sites in

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