Study in Thailand

Thailand has continued to uphold its heritage as the most popular tourist destination in the world among people from other countries (Buasuwan, 2018). It is common knowledge that Thai people are very kind and welcoming to visitors from other countries; hence, Thailand is known as the “land of smiles.” What do you think? Thailand is

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Festivals in Thailand

Phi Ta Khon (Ghost Festival) One of the most fascinating aspects of Thai culture is celebrated at this event, which is also known as the Ghost Festival. The Phi Ta Khon Festival is a celebration that brings together a variety of elements, including local handicrafts, fun-loving party vibes, and religious customs (Agarwal, 2013). The festivities

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Famous dish in Thailand

Spicy green papaya salad Isaan, which is located in the northeastern part of Thailand, is the origin of the dish known as som tum, which is a spicy green papaya salad (Roitner-Schobesberger et al., 2008). A sweet, sour, and spicy flavor is released when garlic, chili peppers, green beans, cherry tomatoes, and shredded raw papaya

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