Artifacts in Kenya

Not much is known about the breadth of work in Kenya overseas (Dahir, 2018). A restitution report states that at least 181 items are currently held at France’s du Quai BranlyChirac museum. Some of the items are metal bracelets, shields, and spears among many others. Kenya has remained to retain artifacts in her museums and […]

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Dressing Code in Kenya

The diverse Kenyan cultures have different tribal groups having distinct modes of dressing. The common communities known to keep and follow their cultures are the Coastal Swahili people and the Maasai community who live in the country’s rich grasslands areas. Coastal Swahili tradition for men was a long white robe ‘kanzu’ in Swahili. They also

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Famous dish in kenya

Famous Dish in Kenya

Kenyan traditional food is diverse just like its communities, history, and its different landscapes. Every community in a given area has its specialties. The favored beverages that one will find are tea and coffee. They are grown in the country, and when one visits the rural areas, one will find fermented milk ‘maziwa mala’ which

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Festivals in Kenya

Lamu Cultural Festival The festival entails celebrating both the past and the future of the Lamu community in the coastal region (Go Visit Kenya). It also celebrates the traditions and beliefs known to be the heart and soul of the community. Maralal Camel Derby The festival is held just outside Maralal town in the mid-year

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Study in Kenya

According to the World Economic Forum in the year 2017, the Kenyan education system is the strongest in Africa, and in the following year, 2018, it was ranked as the first in the fortythree African mainland countries for its educational outcomes. The country is known to have the best universities. Some of the best universities

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Volunteer in Kenya

Volunteering gives an exceptional opportunity to encounter the rich diverse Kenyan culture, the national parks with diverse animals, and environments with different climatic conditions and support a better cause. Environment enthusiasts, self-motivated individuals, and those interested in wildlife are significant people who provide help to endangered animals such as rhinos, lions, and many others. Volunteering

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Kenyan Merchandise

Kenya is known for its huge exports of tea, coffee, and flowers. It exported about USD 1.2 billion in 2020 (Mwaniga). The figures make the country the third-largest exporter globally. Tea exports are mainly done to Pakistan, Russia, the UK, and the United Arabs Emirates. In the same year, Kenya exported about USD 229M (Mwaniga).

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