Study in Nigeria

The Nigerian education system consists of six years of primary education, a junior secondary school for three years, senior secondary school for three years, and four or more years in the university. English is used as the medium of instruction at the tertiary institution levels. The Universities in the country are grouped as the first, second, third generation, state, or private institutions. Studying in Nigeria enables one to experience the traditions and customs of various ethnicities in the country. It is a colorful country with incredible opportunities for students of all kinds. The country is home to many renowned writers and novelists in the world. The universities that offer study abroad programs include the University of Lagos, the Emerald Energy Institute, and the American University of Nigeria. Many Nigerian students are also in other African countries and oversea countries. Some countries its students go to further their studies include the United Kingdom, Ghana, the United States of America, Malaysia, Canada, and South Africa, among many other countries globally.

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