Volunteer in Nigeria

Nigerian traditions are still respected in the country. It is one of the biggest economies in Africa; therefore, a volunteer experience in the country will make one have an exciting experience. Volunteer programs that one can take part to volunteer in the country the health care where one can offer volunteering services to administer basic vaccines and help clinics in rural areas. Hospitals and clinics in the rural areas are very few despite the country having a relatively strong economy, so volunteering in health care is a rewarding activity for the community. An individual can also take part in volunteering in community development programs by working with small-scale industries and the small community projects in the country. Community development aid in educating people about HIV/AIDS, among other problems that hinder community development, such as income inequality and childcare. A variety of volunteering programs have been established to promote volunteering. These programs include the 9jaTop10 and the African Christian Youths Development Foundation.

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