Artefacts – USA

The United States has numerous artefacts found in different states preserved in museums. The country also has archaeological mysteries which has remained unexplained for years. Some of these archaeological mysteries found in the nation include the Casa Grande Ruins, Blythe intaglios, judaculla rock, and Bighorn medicine wheel. The Casa Grande ruins are found in Coolidge […]

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Festivals in USA

The country’s diversity in terms of cultures and races has made the nation have a historical and cultural heritage, and celebrations of these cultures are done via various festivals and events. Some of these cultures include the Kutztown folk festival, Jazz Orleans mardi gras, burning man festival, Albuquerque International Balloon fiesta, and the Aloha Festival,

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Famous Dish in USA

The immigrants of the land have mainly influenced the United States of American cuisine since the beginning of time. The primary influencers of the nation’s cuisine are British, Spanish, German, French, and Native American. African-American, European, Pacific Islanders, Indigenous Native Americans, and Asians, among many other traditions and cultures. Some other states have particular regional

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Study in USA

The educational system in the US comprises the primary school, which starts from grade K to grade 5, the middle school that starts from the sixth to eighth grade, and the secondary school that starts from the ninth grade to the twelfth grade. The rest of the education is higher education, and students who aspire

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Invest in USA

The economy of the United States is significantly enhanced by international investments and its worker through job creation, increasing the productivity of goods and services, raising wages and export growth. There are various ways in which individuals can invest in the country, which include dividend stocks, corporate bonds where organizations provide debt in the form

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Volunteer in USA

The United States is diverse, offering various opportunities for those willing to volunteer there. The diversity of the country includes people, landscapes, and the different cultures found in it. Volunteer opportunities vary depending on the different regions in the country. Various volunteer programs have been established in the country for volunteers. These programs include the

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Hotel and Tourism in USA

The United States is one of the most visited countries in the world. In 2018, it was ranked the 4th most visited country globally after recording approximately 45 million tourists. Over seven cities in the county are listed among the top 100 most visited destinations in the world. These cities include

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