Study in Angola

Study in Angola

People in Angola are known to be kind and welcoming, and the country as a whole maintains a culture that values and acknowledges the contributions of its visitors. Angola has a literacy rate of 66.03%, with men having a rate of 79.97% and females having a rate of roughly 53.41%, according to information provided by

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Festivals in Angola

Festivals in Angola

Unlike other countries, Angola has fewer holidays and celebrations. One such festival is the Lubango Festival, which is based on the festival of Our Lady of the Hill. Usually held in the country’s Huila Province, this festival runs for 30 days from the start of August. The celebration features motorbike racing, sports tournament, a Miss

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Famous Food in Angola

Famous dish in Angola

Like every other place, Angola has its unique foods and recipes that are accustomed to the people’s cultures and traditions. Angolan food is mainly a hybrid of African and Portuguese food. Notably, the primary staple ingredients of the country’s food include beans, flour, rice, pork, fish, chicken, various vegetables such as okra, potato and tomatoes.

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Tourism in Angola - Cathedral of the Holy Savior

Tourism in Angola

Tourism in Angola is a sector with great potential if pushed to optimization. The country’s climate, Geology, and unique features offer great potential for the growth of this industry. Angola’s resources foster the development of eco-tourism, agriculture tourism, environmental tourism, coastal tourism, and rural tourism (Ferreira, 2015). While the country just came out of a

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