DR Congo

DR Congo Cultural Integrations Promotions

Political Map of DR Congo Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is the second-largest country in the African continent occupying an area of 905,567 square kilometers (Reyntjens, 2007). It is also the 4th most populated country in the continent and number fifteen globally. The country was previously called Zaire until 1997 when it was renamed, DR

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Study in Congo

DR Congo’s education system comprises two years of kindergarten education, six years of primary education, and six of secondary education. One can then attend a Diplome de Gradue for three years, a second tertiary cycle of 2-3 years of Licence, and a diplome d’etudes superieres/DES for 2 years for a master’s level, and other advanced

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Invest in Congo

DR Congo is exceptionally rich with natural resources that include minerals like copper, immense biodiversity, hydropower potential, and cobalt among many others. The country has also the second-largest rainforest in the world. The majority of the individuals in the country have not yet benefitted from the rich natural resources they have in the country as

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Volunteer in Congo

Numerous volunteer programs have been established in DR Congo to improve the living standards of the local people in the country. They vary from working at a children’s Centre or an orphanage to teaching the English language and helping at a local clinic or hospital for medical professionals. The volunteer programs include the “initiatives pour

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Tourism and Hotel Promotion in Congo

DR Congo has various tourist destinations that include indigenous cultures, wildlife reserves, and some geological wonders that are hardly found anywhere else in Africa. The country has protected seven national parks and 57 reserve areas that have magnificent ecotourism potential which makes up 12 percent of the total size of the country. The country has

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DR Congo Merchandize and Partnership Programs

DR Congo is largely regarded as the world’s richest country with natural resources. The estimated worth of the untapped deposits of raw materials is over USD 24 trillion (U.S. Agency for International Development, 2021). In the Katanga region, minerals extracted include cobalt, cassiterite, copper, zinc, germanium, gold, platinum, and uranium among many other minerals. Other

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