Famous food in Greece

Moussaka Moussaka is a rich and flavorful meal that is produced by layering fried eggplant and béchamel sauce with seasoned meat that has been cooked in tomato sauce. The meat may be either beef or lamb. This meal is considered to be one of the most iconic examples of traditional Greek cuisine (Pavlidis & Markantonatou,

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Invest in Greece

Investment Opportunities The agricultural sector of Greece’s economy has been one of the country’s most important export sectors, with Greek vegetables and fruits being eaten in a number of worldwide markets. The Greek agricultural sector has continued to maintain a healthy trade gap in a broad variety of agricultural goods such as oranges, kiwis, tomatoes

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Festivals in Greece

Rockwave Festival Rockwave Festival, which takes place in Greece, is considered to be the country’s premier music event. It competes with other major music festivals in Europe, such as Glastonbury in the United Kingdom and Exit in Serbia. Since its inception in 1996, the Rockwave music festival has been held in Athens over the course

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