Dress Code

Dress code in Libya

The dress code of Libya is influenced by Islamic culture and traditions, and it is expected that both men and women dress modestly in public. According to the United States Department of State (2021), Libya is an Islamic country, and it is expected that visitors and residents dress modestly and respectfully. Women are expected to

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Dishes in Libya

Libyan cuisine is heavily influenced by its neighboring countries, such as Tunisia, Egypt, and Algeria. The country has a diverse range of culinary traditions, from coastal seafood dishes to desert-inspired stews. Some of the famous foods of Libya are: Bazeen Bazeen is a traditional Libyan dish made of a mixture of flour and water, cooked

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Eid al-Adha

Festivals in Libya

Libya is a North African country that is known for its unique cultural heritage and traditions. The country has a diverse population that celebrates a variety of festivals throughout the year. Eid al-Fitr Eid al-Fitr is a major festival celebrated by Muslims all over the world, including Libya. It marks the end of the holy

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Tourism attraction in Equatorial Guinea

Malabo In the heart of Malabo, a collection of weathered architectural elements, marked by the effects of salt and time, converge to create a distinctive amalgamation of colonial traditions. The monuments in question serve as a poignant testament to the extensive historical background of the city and its deeply rooted European heritage, which will shortly

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