Dishes in Libya

Couscous Couscous is a highly regarded element within the realm of traditional Libyan gastronomy. Semolina is used as a primary ingredient in the preparation of this dish, rendering it well favored across the North African region. Despite being often pronounced as “couscous” in English, it is worth noting that in Libya, the pronunciation includes an …

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Nalut Spring Festival

Festivals in Libya

Ghadames Festival One of the notable events in the Sahara region is the annual International Festival, which is held between the months of October or November. The event encompasses a tripartite observance of the cultural practices and traditions of the Tuareg community, spanning a duration of three consecutive days. During this celebration, the historic city …

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Tourism attraction in Equatorial Guinea

Malabo In the heart of Malabo, a collection of weathered architectural elements, marked by the effects of salt and time, converge to create a distinctive amalgamation of colonial traditions. The monuments in question serve as a poignant testament to the extensive historical background of the city and its deeply rooted European heritage, which will shortly …

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