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An American Wedding

North American Marriages and How They Contribute to Cultural Diversity

Marriages play a significant role in contributing to cultural diversity in North America. Intermingling different cultures through marriage has shaped the region’s social fabric, allowing for the exchange and preservation of diverse traditions, beliefs, and practices.                                       […]

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Artifacts in Mexico

A tremendous transformation has taken place in the Mexican culture from its early civilizations to its recent history, and the impact varies differently in different parts of the country. The rural areas and the country’s live cities play significant roles in defining Mexico’s vibrant community cumulatively. The cultural heritage including the artifacts found in the

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Famous dish in Mexico

Mexican food is considered to be one of the best and most beloved cuisines in the world. The country’s cuisine was officially adjudged as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO (Zimmermann & Gordon, 2022). Corn is the Mexican staple meal found in most both traditional and modern dishes. Tamales and empanadas among many

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Mexico Merchandise

Mexico is regarded as a middle-income country that leads in Latin America’s income per capita and has a free market with a highly export-driven economy. The elementary source of foreign income in the country is oil export. The country signed the NAFTA agreement in 1992 granting the United States and Canadian organizations and companies to

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Artefacts – USA

The United States has numerous artefacts found in different states preserved in museums. The country also has archaeological mysteries which has remained unexplained for years. Some of these archaeological mysteries found in the nation include the Casa Grande Ruins, Blythe intaglios, judaculla rock, and Bighorn medicine wheel. The Casa Grande ruins are found in Coolidge

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Festivals in USA

The country’s diversity in terms of cultures and races has made the nation have a historical and cultural heritage, and celebrations of these cultures are done via various festivals and events. Some of these cultures include the Kutztown folk festival, Jazz Orleans mardi gras, burning man festival, Albuquerque International Balloon fiesta, and the Aloha Festival,

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