Famous dish in Angola

Like every other place, Angola has its unique foods and recipes that are accustomed to the people’s cultures and traditions. Angolan food is mainly a hybrid of African and Portuguese food. Notably, the primary staple ingredients of the country’s food include beans, flour, rice, pork, fish, chicken, various vegetables such as okra, potato and tomatoes. Cassava ranks as the most important of the ingredients.

One important meal for Angolans is the funje, which serves as an important accompanying side dish for lunch, dinner and breakfast. Funke is made by stirring cassava flour into water, and has a smooth, sticky, and creamy texture.

Funje - Famous Food in Angola

Another important dish is the Calulu, a common stew in Angola. The dish is made from shrimp and fresh/ dry fish, while other versions employ meat instead. Other ingredients employed in the making include finely chopped greens, onions, eggplants, and potatoes. The traditional accompaniments for calculus are funje and rice.

Calulu - Famous food in Angola

Another interesting dish among the Angolans is the Muamba de galinha, primarily made with chicken, red palm oil sauce (Muamba de dendem), and hot chile pepper. Palm oil is used for flavoring, while lycopene is used for coloring. This dish has several health benefits, including regulating cholesterol, preventing heart disease, and being rich in antioxidants. Being a Portuguese colony, the country has integrated Portuguese gastronomy into its cuisines, especially meat and palm oil.

Muamba de galinha

Another dish unique to the Angolans is the Catatos, which primarily consists of caterpillars. The dish can be made basic by frying the caterpillars until they are tender and with a crunchy taste. Alternatively, they can be fried by adding ingredients like garlic, tomatoes, onions, ad some sauces. Catatos has a high nutritional value attributed to the caterpillars’ iron and protein levels. The dish can be served with funje, rice, and hot sauce.


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