Tourism and Hotel Promotion in Congo

DR Congo has various tourist destinations that include indigenous cultures, wildlife reserves, and some geological wonders that are hardly found anywhere else in Africa. The country has protected seven national parks and 57 reserve areas that have magnificent ecotourism potential which makes up 12 percent of the total size of the country. The country has four endemic species. The species include the Bonobos, mountain gorillas, Congolese peacock, and then Okapi. 145 million hectares of the country are covered with unique species diversity in its ecosystem.

The country’s leading subsectors include tourism services, accommodations, food, and beverages. Major towns of the county have established decent and eclectic bakeries, cafes, and restaurants. They bring out the cultural heritage richness and complexity of the country. The influence of these accommodations, hotels, foods, and beverages are influenced by French, Italian, Lebanese, Indian, and South African cultures among some other cultures and their traditional foods, housing structures in the rural hotels and accommodations and foods such as the Moambe, Maboke, and the fufu. Some of the best places to visit in the country include its capital with its magnificent street art culture. Artists will always show up with the pieces that they sell. The capital has also a BBQ picnic on the capital’s shore and as well enjoys a boat ride. Other destinations that are exceptional in the country include the Lola Ya Bonobo, Kahuzi Bieha National Park, Nyiragongo Volcano, and the Virunga National Park.

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