Volunteer in Congo

Numerous volunteer programs have been established in DR Congo to improve the living standards of the local people in the country. They vary from working at a children’s Centre or an orphanage to teaching the English language and helping at a local clinic or hospital for medical professionals. The volunteer programs include the “initiatives pour la paix et les Droits Humains” which promote a peaceful culture in the country through good governance and human rights education, among many other programs (Volunteering in the Democratic Republic of Congo with UNICEF and MONUSCO, 2018). Volunteering to teach in the country varies¬† teaching the Official language; French, teach English as a subject, and other subjects in one’s area of expertise in the country’s community schools. Most of the volunteer programs aim to achieve a meaningful sustainable development project in DR Congo and come with a variety of advantages that include engaging in volcano mountain safaris, and lowland gorilla safaris.

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