Promoting Tourism and Hotels in Uganda

Winston Churchill referred to Uganda as the pearl of Africa due to the wonders Churchill found in the land and those who came before him. Uganda is an elegant land with hospitable and welcoming individuals. Any person who travels to the country will fall in love with the nature of the land. The wonders of the land include the mountain Gorillas, the Murchison Falls, and the”Big Five” wild animals found in the country’s ten national parks. Uganda is also known to be a source of the Nile River and has beautiful scenes of the Rwenzori Mountains and Chimpanzees.

For the past decades after the end of the civil conflict and dictatorship, the tourism industry in Uganda has turned out to make remarkable strides. Many tourist sites have been well built that never existed before and are not accessible to the locals and the travelers. Some of the wonders of nature to see in the country include the rafting grade-five rapids on the river Nile, Kazinga channel cruising is the Rwenzori shadows as elephants drinks from nearby shores, among many others. Uganda has about ten national parks, among many other parks privately owned and those owned by the government. The Bwindi is an impenetrable national park that is known to have more than four thousand plant species, more than three hundred gorillas which are half of the Gorilla’s population, and many more to explore when visiting the place. Rwenzori mountain national park is categorized as UNESCO’s world heritage site and has some of the rarest vegetation found on earth hosting 70 mammals and many other species. Queen Elizabeth national park has diverse ecosystems, including more than six hundred bird species.

Numerous lodges, hotels, and camps have been built in Uganda meant for hosting and entertaining tourists both in urban centers like Kampala and in rural areas. The camps and lodges built are modern but take the form of traditional African house structures. The hotels, lodges, and camps have been established within the tourism destination areas; some are built to offer accommodation and rest for tourists as they pass by when visiting the destined areas. Some of the hotels in Uganda are the Queen Elizabeth lodges and camps, Mgahinga Gorilla lodges and camps, Lake Mburo lodges and camps, and Entebbe and Kampala hotels (African Mecca Safaris). Best accommodations are provided in those tourism areas in Bwindi, Murchison Falls, Jinja, Kampala, and many other areas that tourists visit.

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