Invest in Uganda

The Ugandan government has encouraged investing, and in 2019, it established the Uganda Investment Authority (UIA). The investment Code Act 1991 is set to the root agency of the government to enhance, coordinate, facilitate and encourage investments in the country (Uganda Invest). The government aims to attract and retain value to add both domestic and foreign investment in the country. The UIA has been actively organizing and participating in different exhibitions, industry conferences, and trade missions locally and outside the country.

According to UIA, 80 percent of Uganda has been found to have huge quantities and many locations of minerals. There exists huge underexploited mineral deposits of mineral-like uranium, gold, cobalt, iron ore, and many other rare earth elements in the country. There are potential investment opportunities in the mining and mineral processing sector. The Ugandan government has established a company, EAISC, which will also operate in East Africa as a regional minor in both Uganda and East Africa (Uganda High Commission in London). The company will produce and market iron and steel products that the company mine on the land.

Individuals can also invest in the Ugandan government through treasury billsinvestments. The minimum amount that one can invest in the Ugandan government treasury bills is UGX 100,000 after the maturity period, which can either be three, six, or twelve months (Uganda Invest). The Central Securities Depository will automatically credit one’s bank, where the bank credits the investments to an individual’s bank account.

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