Artefacts – USA

The United States has numerous artefacts found in different states preserved in museums. The country also has archaeological mysteries which has remained unexplained for years. Some of these archaeological mysteries found in the nation include the Casa Grande Ruins, Blythe intaglios, judaculla rock, and Bighorn medicine wheel. The Casa Grande ruins are found in

Coolidge in Arizona and are believed to have been made during the 13th century (Dalton, 2009). The Blythe intaglios are located in Blythe in the Californian state, which are geoglyphs that depict giant human figures. The Judaculla Rock is located in Sylva in the state of Carolina. The rock s regarded by the Cherokee people as a sacred artefact. They used the rock as a billboard. The rock etched numerous petroglyph designs. Some monuments of the medicine wheel are scattered in the US, with the Bighorn being the largest of all of them. Dalton (2009) notes that its diameter is about 75 feet and is known to predate the time of the Crow people era. Other mysteries include the Mystery Hill of America’s Stonehenge in Salem, the Dighton Rock in Massachusetts, Berkeley mystery walls, Miami circle, Hemet Maze stone and the great serpent mound.

Scott Wolter, an American geologist, has recently investigated some artefacts in the American land. These artefacts include the dare stones, Windover bod bodies, Hawai’i Obsidian spear, and the Runestone hoax of Pennsylvania, among many other artefacts that he found and continues to explore. The dare stones, according to Wolter as cited by Langston, depict the lost colony of Roanoke. The Windover Bog people’s artefacts are human bodies that were wrapped in fabric tightly and buried in a shallow swamp underwater (Langston, 2019). All the bodies faced the western side. Many other artefacts were found in those bodies.

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