Merchandize in USA

The United States of America has been the leading national economy since the 1890s. It is the home of the biggest stock markets in the world. It has the biggest gold depository and reserves. The country’s GDP at the purchasing power parity is the biggest in the world. Its GDP growth rate is the most stable, with great research and capital investment medium employment rate. The nation’s major trading partners include Mexico, Canada, Germany, Japan and China. It also has numerous natural resources, including the largest reserves of coal, about 22 percent of coal found on the globe. The US has the sixth biggest proven natural gas reserves and the 14th biggest proven oil reserves (“United States exports, imports, and trade partners”). Some other natural resources found in plenty in the nation include gold, iron, uranium, copper, lead, bauxite, potash, bauxite and potash. The major imports in the United States include machinery, minerals, oils and fuels. Other significant exports include electrical equipment and machinery, spacecraft, automobiles, vehicles, medical equipment and supplies and Pharmaceuticals. The major exports include mineral fuels, medicaments, electrical machinery and equipment including computers, and motor cars and vehicles.

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