Artefacts in Uganda

Both traditional Uganda is known, and most of the African communities are known for basketry as traditional baskets have been used by the majority of the African communities, particularly the women, to carry some light goods. An example of an African community is one in Kenya from the Agikuyu community who call the basket ‘kiondo.’  The Ugandans festivals have shown to uphold the music culture. Almost all their festivals include music, and some of them, like the B-Global Indigenous hip hop festival, use the hip hop music for the provision of a vision of educating the significance of the country’s traditional and cultural roots and uniting the country’s youths to promote love, peace, and fun. The traditional music of Uganda uses instruments like the marimba, thumb piano, and lyre. Some of the country’s bands, such as the Afrigo band, use both modern and traditional musical elements. The band often travels abroad to perform, and they have some of the recordings produced.

Ugandans have been making products from bark cloth and are still practicing the skill up to date. Some tree species’ barks of trees, commonly known as the mutuba by the Ugandans, are soaked in water and thereafter beaten with a wooden mallet. The product is a soft product decorated with paint. It is then cut into strips of different sizes. Traditionally, bigger strips were typical to homesteads that were partitioned, and later on, bark cloth dresses were made national dresses. Despite modern Uganda being westernized, one can still find these traditional clothes in the rural areas. The bark cloth has been replaced by cotton cloth known as the busuuti used in large part of the Ugandan communities. The bark cloth is used in the modern-day to decorate placements, coasters, and designs on cards of diverse categories.

Uganda’s ethnic arts like paints and sculptors can be found in various places, including the galleries and theatres. These galleries and theatres hold the local artists’ paints, poems, playwrights, and sculptors. Folk art in Uganda is a significant source of revenue for the Ugandan government. The ethnical arts tend to be prized by collectors around the globe. Carving is one of the popular arts in Uganda. The scenes in the history of Uganda and the legend incised on hardwood shields show the carving art (Ndagire, 2019). There are some other common forms of art practices by the locals, which include ironworking, and batik, which is a technique and ability of textile painting that was brought by the Southeast Asian immigrants to the country.

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