Festivals in Uganda


The multilingual status of Uganda sets the tone for the country’s popular festivals. The festivals are correlated with the diversified ethnic communities and the Christian religion. Music tends to be the key element in the country’s festivals, for example, the B-Global Indigenous Hip Hop Festival.

This is Uganda

“This is Uganda” festival is done annually whose purpose is to exhibit the cultural diversity in Uganda through music, dance, art, and poetry stressing women artists. Individuals gather in Kyandondo Rugby Club, Kampala, every December to experience the exceptionally magnificent phenomenal live acts. There is also a lounge where people can socialize and where there are stalls that promote AIDS awareness, women’s rights, and education.

The Nile Festival

The festival is one of the most popular festivals that lasts a week and is attended by more people than any other. The festival usually takes place in Jinja in the early days of August and centers on the rich and diverse cultures of the people living on the River Nile shores. It gives an opportunity of discovering the diverse ethnic communities of Uganda as Ugandan traditions and art is mixed, offering significant cultural programs full of folklore, gastronomy, storytelling, dance, theatre, music, and live shows. Parades are made along the streets and are characterized by dance workshops and kids’ activities.

International Film Festival of Kampala Amakula

The festival is also referred to as the Amarula Kampala Cinema Caravan. It travels throughout Uganda from September to November, screening old and new films based on the independence themes (Exoticca). It offers workshops in cinematography and creates soundtracks for silent films.

International Film, Music and Arts Festival of Bayimba

The festival takes three days in the National Theatre of Uganda. The themes of the festival are those of Uganda’s art and culture (Exoticca). It is a must-see for any visitor having an interest in learning about Uganda’s music and art. It is Uganda’s number one festival where its city truly comes to life. It convenes cinema, theatre, dance, music, and visual arts under one roof, representing both local and East African artists.

B-Global Indigenous Hip Hop Festival

The festival is a four-day festival that takes place in September made to celebrate Ugandan hip-hop music. It aims at teaching the significance of reconnecting with one’s roots and educating the youths via the hip-hop culture (Exoticca). It unites Ugandan youths with some popular hip-hop leaders promoting fun, peace, and love.

The Nile Gold Jazz Safari

The festival is done annually in October in Kampala, and any musician from any part of the earth tends to take part, and exceptional and fantastic music is always consistent. It is a one day festival.

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