Study in Uganda

The education structure of Uganda’s education system is of seven years of primary education, six years in high school, and three to five years of post-secondary education. The country has some of the best universities in East Africa, with the best and largest in the country being Makere University (UniversityGuru). It is the most prestigious university not only in Uganda but also in Africa, and some of the pioneer leaders of African independence in East Africa, like Mwalimu Julius Nyerere of Tanzania, studied there. Mbarara University seconds Makerere University, which is known to produce the best health care and development workers.
Other prestigious universities are Kampala International University, Gulu, and Makere university business school (UniversityGuru). These universities offer scholarship services to their students who excel magnificently in their academics to study abroad. There are also well-wishers who are willing to provide scholarships to students who excel well in the universities to further their studies abroad. Programs have also been created by private individuals to help students who want to further their studies abroad continue to achieve the career dreams of studying abroad and securing better jobs that are well paying for every student’s vision.

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