Investments in Kenya

Until the recent pandemic, COVID-19, Kenya’s economy was known to be one of the fastest-growing with its growth averaging about 5.9 percent between 2010 and 2018 (Economic growth and trade, 2021). The country has so far built a dynamic and diverse economy. Kenya serves to be the point of entry to the greater market of the East African community.

Investing in government securities is known to be risk-free and ensures a consistent source of income after a specified duration of time. The Kenyan government, under its National Treasury, provides two government security types; treasury bonds and treasury bills. The treasury bills are short-term where one can receive their investments after three, six, or twelve months ranging on one’s chosen bill (Securities). The minimum amount one can invest in treasury bills is about USD 1000. Treasury bonds on the other hand range from medium investments of about one year to long-term ones of about thirty years. Treasury bonds act as providing loans to the government for a particular period; it’s the bond’s maturity. Investors may receive their interest twice annually through the bond’s maturity and eventually get the face value of the amount one invested after the bond’s maturity. The minimum Treasury bond investment is about USD 500.

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