Tourism attraction in Kenya

One of the most significant industries in Kenya is the tourism industry, and it strongly links itself to food production, entertainment, and transport. According to (Mutunga, 2012)) Kenya’s tourism sector has about 4.4 percent of its GDP. Kenya is ranked the third-largest travel and tourist destination in Africa, mostly from the United States, the United Kingdom, China, and India among other unmentioned countries. Hotels have invested in local food production and as well more other foods from different areas and countries to attract more tourists. Most of the hotels are built taking the shape of traditional African houses on the outside but modernly built on the inside. The accommodations are exceptional, and companies offer camping where tourists can have their guides and explore the country’s landscapes, and culture and experience the best care and comfort (Yobesia, et al., 2022). Tourism remains to be the most source generating source of income for people are majority of individuals employed in tourism firms are the local people, and the government gets its revenue from tax from those firms. Companies also grow and give back to the community such as Lewa Conservancy which helps the community by providing sponsorship for school children.

Best Places to Visit in Kenya

Nairobi is one of the best places to visit in Kenya. Areas worth visiting in Nairobi are the David Sheldrick Trust Elephant Orphan Centre, Ngong Hills, Karen Blixen, railway museum, the national museum, giraffe center, Nairobi Arboretum, the Bomas of Kenya, and more than twenty other places to visit in this largest city and capital (35 places to visit in Kenya, tourist places & top attractions).

The city started as a camp for the railway employees back in 1899 to the capital known as IBEA by 1907. In this modern world, the rich retrospective history, the tribal culture, and lifestyle are brought to life via excellent and knowledgeable museums. Karen Blixen is one of the best and the largest hits in particular for both the fans of Africa and to all the peoples of the world to see the namesake Danish author who was known to toil coffee farmstead across the Ngong Hills with drudgeries (10 top tourist attractions in Kenya, 2012). Along with the
scampering city of Nairobi, there is the colossal draw of wildlife. The city is known to be the only city globally bragging to have a safari park on its frontiers being a cosmopolitan capital. Those visiting the country passing through Nairobi city can relish the classic African wildlife escapade at the city’s national park; a less than twenty minutes drive from the skyscrapers of the megalopolis. Animals soak themselves under the subtropical area neighboring the meager trees. The animals found in the park are the cheetahs, buffalos, rhinoceros, lions, giraffes, wildebeest, and zebras. Animal enthusiasts have a chance of cuddling, clasping, and
embracing the baby elephants and yoke with the tall giraffes at the eye-catching nearby animal sanctuary. Nonetheless, the tremendous and spectacular nearby animal sanctuary that is at the doorstep of the wildlife-centric fascinating attractions, Nairobi exasperates on, jars and counterpoints on the elegant and celebrated beauty. The obverse viewpoint and character of the city assure rapturing ecstasy of Nairobi. In addition, the gateway to the world-class and famous
country’s safari parks, the city attracts clutching seekers of escapades for more than a century.

There are other tourist attraction sites in Kenya which include the Maasai Mara national reserve, the Amboseli national park, Lake Nakuru, the Tsavo national park, Lamu island along the coast of the Indian Ocean, and Hell’s gate national park among many other tourist attraction areas. Maasai Mara is known to be Kenya’s most known game park and is one of the top tourist attractions in the country. Thousands of individuals visit the Game Park annually to see the
surprising and extraordinary migration of the wildebeest and the zebras annually from July to October. Amboseli national park is best known as the best place in Africa to have a close to free-ranging elephants. In the park, one also has the opportunity to meet the Maasai people and the strikingly eye-catching outlook of Mount Kilimanjaro which is the tallest mountain in East Africa. Lake Nakuru is known as the greatest bird spectacle on the globe. Sometimes millions of
flamingos appear in the lake. Tsavo is the biggest national park in the country and on the globe. It’s the perfect destination for individuals seeking solitude and privacy and also the prospect of exploring the wilderness. Lamu town is the country’s oldest town and has retained all the glamour and character established over the centuries. Its Island is part of the country’s Lamu Archipelago. It has managed to stay untouched and unspoiled by the huge tourism hitting the country’s coastline. Lamu Island has no roads, but footpaths and alleyways. The Island’s residents either walk on foot or a boat. For the transport of goods and materials, donkeys are used for that purpose. Hell’s gate national park’s uniqueness is the allowance of one walking or even cycling without a guide. It’s characterized by dramatic sceneries. The park has also gorges, cliffs, and basalt columns.

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