Artifacts in Kenya

Not much is known about the breadth of work in Kenya overseas (Dahir, 2018). A restitution report states that at least 181 items are currently held at France’s du Quai BranlyChirac museum. Some of the items are metal bracelets, shields, and spears among many others. Kenya has remained to retain artifacts in her museums and some of the traditional artifacts are still being used today.

Artifacts in kenya

In Kajiado County where most of the population is the Maasai people, the native Maasai tend to create intricate beadwork artifacts and jewelry that are sold in the cities, their environs, and the tourists who visit the parks near the area. The museums are holding many artifacts that people visit to see. For example, the Kenya National Museum is known to have a collection of more than 350,000 fossils including ancient human fossils that teach about the life of the ancient human beings before history.

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