Tourist Attraction in Malawi

Liwonde National Park

Along the Shire River and its tributaries is where you’ll find some of the best opportunities to see wild animals and go on safari in all of Malawi. It is a picture of the gorgeous backcountry of East Africa, a huge reserve of flood plains and marsh swamps, of waving grass fields and baobab forests. Easy access to the park is provided by a scattering of comfortable vacation lodges.


Blantyre, a metropolitan area that is focused on business and with a population of almost to one million people, is Lilongwe’s sole serious adversary when it comes to fighting for the title of the financial kingpin of the country.

However, history is also deeply rooted in this area, and the town boasts that it has been around for more than 150 years since it was first formed by preachers working for the Church of Scotland – hence the name, which is a namesake of Blantyre, which is located on the edge of the mountains in the United Kingdom. Visitors get the opportunity to see historical buildings such as the Mandala House, as well as gain a sense of the revitalized economy of Malawi by going to the Malawi Stock Exchange and the many tobacco packing industries that have emerged over the course of the last several decades.

Kasungu National Park

One of the natural reserves in East Africa that is less visited by tourists than others is the Kasungu National Park. The region is a mix of swinging savannah and bush, occasional miombo forest, and dusty plains, and it encompasses a massive 2,100 square kilometers of land. It is located where the undulating plateaus of western Malawi give way to the borders with Zambia. Poaching has been a significant issue in the region of Kasungu for the better part of the last several decades. The region was once well-known for its thriving population of African elephants.

Lake Malawi National Park

The territories that are now part of the Lake Malawi National Park should not be missed by anybody who has an interest in history or who enjoys nature. David Livingstone, a famed Scottish explorer and missionary, once traversed these areas. Freshwater habitats, which are famous for the unusually developed fish species that can be found there, and swaths of land are both included in this national park, which is located on the banks of the country’s biggest lake and is surrounded by green, wooded slopes. It is possible to see baboons and antelopes ambling down the coast, and a collection of wonderful safari lodges can be found on the reserve’s numerous islands, ranging from the lovely Domwe to the gorgeous Mumbo.

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