Festivals in Zimbabwe

Africa Day

The 25th of May is celebrated as Africa Day, which honors the founding of the Organization of African Unity (OAU), also known as the Pan-Africanist Organization of African Unity, in 1963. The Organization of African Unity (OAU) was succeeded by the African Unity in 2001, despite the fact that a genuine union between all of Africa’s governments had not yet fully materialized at that time. It is for this reason that on that day, special ceremonies are organized to recall the objective of African unity, democracy, and peace.


This Christian holiday is observed in Zimbabwe, but in a significantly different manner than in other countries. After a special service, there is a celebration for the family members who attended the event. On the other hand, the Zimbabweans, rather of remaining inside their houses, go to the residences of their loved ones, members of their families, and friends before finally returning to their own. Ivy is used as a substitute for the Christmas trees that are often planted in front of homes in other nations’ holiday decorations.

Defence Forces Day

August is the month in which people commemorate this day, which is also known as “Armed Forces Day.” On this day, the armed forces of the country, whether they the military or the police, are recognized and honored for their service. It starts out with an impassioned speech about patriotism, and then after that, the flag is hoisted, and then there is a massive procession. At the conclusion of the procession, a flame that is referred to as the “Flame of Independence” will be lighted. This flame is the official emblem of the Republic of Zimbabwe’s undying commitment to its independence. In addition, the Zimbabwean national anthem, which is named Blessed Be the Land of Zimbabwe, is performed on this day.

Holy Week

About 85 percent of the population of Zimbabwe identifies as a Christian, either as a Protestant, an Anglican, or a Roman Catholic. Despite this, however, there is also a significant presence of aspects that are associated with older traditional faiths.

The youngsters would travel to the Botanical Garden of Harare on these days in order to search for Easter eggs, chocolates, and other delicacies. Additionally, a few foods associated with this celebration will be served. Holy Week in Zimbabwe is one of the most popular celebrations in Zimbabwe for visitors. This is because Holy Week in Zimbabwe is heavily affected by the culture of the area, making it very distinct from what we are used to seeing.


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