Dressing Code in Madagascar

There is no specific dress code for Madagascar as there is no singular or official dress code for the country. However, Madagascar does have a diverse range of traditional attire that varies among the different ethnic groups within the country.

According to “Madagascar: Country Specific Information” by the US Department of State (2022), “traditional dress is still worn for ceremonies and special occasions” in Madagascar, with each region and ethnic group having their own unique style of clothing. For example, the Merina people, who are the largest ethnic group in Madagascar, traditionally wear a lamba, a rectangular cloth that is draped over the body and can be worn in different styles (Lonely Planet, 2022).

In addition, “brightly colored fabrics, embroidery, and beadwork are common elements of traditional clothing in Madagascar” (US Department of State, 2022).

Overall, while there is no strict dress code in Madagascar, traditional attire is still highly valued and worn for special occasions by many of the country’s ethnic groups.

Dressing Code


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