Dressing Code in Ivory Coast


It is worth noting that the rich and diverse culture in Ivory Coast implies a variation in terms of fashion. People wear different clothes depending on the occasion. The dominant dressing code is the traditional Baule Loincloth. The dress, made from traditional fabric, is put on mostly by men during cultural events (Grantham &    Duncan, 2020). The modern world has also seen this mode of dressing embraced into contemporary events such as modeling and fashion competitions. Depending on age, gender and perhaps ethnicity, people dress in both traditional and western attire, as is typical in most emerging nations.

Most people in towns and cities dress in western attire, such as trousers, blue jeans, and shirts. But many women continue to don the customary bright garment (pagne) and coordinating headscarf. In rural areas, traditional attire is most prevalent. In place of a skirt, women often wear a side or blouse (Grantham &    Duncan, 2020). Men either wear shorts or encircle their bodies with a small piece of cloth. On ceremonial occasions, a lot of men dress in elaborately crafted long robes. However, Ivorians keenly observe official events and key ceremonies such as corporate meetings, diplomatic gatherings especially those involving international visutors. While the need to keep to their culture remains a key ingredient, dressing code is largely influenced by occasion and location in Ivory Coast.

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