Dressing code in Cameroon


Cameroonian ladies make excellent use of their pagnes. Cameroonian women wrap it over their shoulders and carry their infants on their dorsal backs. They also use it as a sheath for their heads when the weather is very hot, and they wrap it around themselves to be warm during the rainy seasons. Pagnes are substantial cloth turbans that are worn on the head.

Cameroonian men and women wear clothes that are more representative of the country’s culture when they are in the country’s rural areas. On the other hand, Cameroonian men in the country’s urban areas tend to wear clothes that are more representative of western fashion or a contemporary take on African-European garb. Pagnes, along with blouses, shirts, and a blend of such garments called Afritude, are popular choices for urban Cameroonian women to wear, which represents a fusion of western and traditional styles of clothing.

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