Famous dish in Mexico

Mexican food is considered to be one of the best and most beloved cuisines in the world. The country’s cuisine was officially adjudged as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO (Zimmermann & Gordon, 2022). Corn is the Mexican staple meal found in most both traditional and modern dishes. Tamales and empanadas among many others are made from Corn (Mexico in My Kitchen, 2018). Tortillas are also very common in Mexican homes and are used in almost every Mexican meal. Other staples in Mexican cuisine are the beans and chilies dishes.

These dishes were present before the arrival of the Spanish to the country. Some of the foods common in Mexico include Chilaquiles, Pozole, Tacos al pastor, chiles en nogada, enchiladas, and an unending list of the foods found in the land.

Chilaquiles is a Mexican traditional breakfast dish popular in most Mexican homes. The dish comprises corn tortillas that are lightly fried, and cut into quarter pieces. They are then topped up with either red or green salsa. The red salsa is normally known to be spicier than the green one. Fried or scrambled eggs are then added on top of the meal. Cheese, Cream, and pulled chicken is also added and the meal will be ready to be served. It is normally served with refried beans (“frijoles“). Pozole has come in various versions over the course of time and the civilizations that have taken place in the country. Anthropologists believe that the pre-Hispanic soup was initially used during ritual sacrifices. In many parts of the country, Pozole versions of pork, chicken, and vegetarian are numerous and readily available. The dish is made from hominy corn. It comprises plenty of spices and herbs. Traditionally, it was often stewed overnight for some hours. When the dish was ready to serve, lime, lettuce, chili, onion, and radish were sprinkled on the meal’s top ready to be taken.


Tacos al pastor is a traditional historic meal among the numerous varieties of tacos. The origins of the meal date back to the 1920s and 30s when the Syrians and Lebanese started to migrate to Mexico. “al pastor” means “in the shepherd’s style.” The tacos al pastor was prepared by slicing thin strips of pork on a spit and placing a corn tortilla on top. The dish is then served with pineapple, onions, and coriander leaves. Chiles en nogada serves to be one most patriotic meals in the country from the three colors of the country’s flag. The origin of the meal is Puebla. The meal’s history provides a relation of the meal to being served to the liberator and the subsequent emperor of the land Don Agustin de Iturbide. The dish comprises spices, chopped meat, and fruits mixed. In Spanish, the mixture is Poblano chilies which are filled with picadillo, which represents the green color on the Mexican flag. The white color in the Mexican flag is represented by a walnut-based cream sauce while the red color is represented by pomegranate seeds. Enchiladas is an ancient Mexican meal that dates back to the Mayan civilization times when individuals who resided in the Mexican valley ate corn tortillas that were wrapped around a small fish. Corn and flour tortillas were used during the Mayan era where they were filled with beans, cheese, vegetables, or everything in the above list. A chili sauce is then used to cover the stuffed tortillas. The dish makes the best and perfect breakfast for the Mexicans.

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