Dressing Code in Belgium

Belgium has a diverse culture and as a result, its dress code is not a one-size-fits-all scenario. However, the country has a more formal dress code compared to its neighboring countries like the Netherlands.

In formal settings such as business meetings, conferences, and official events, men are expected to wear suits and ties while women wear professional attire such as business suits or dresses (Culture Trip, 2019). In informal settings, the dress code is more relaxed and casual. During the summer, lightweight clothing is appropriate while during the winter, warm clothing such as coats and scarves are necessary.

In Belgium, fashion is a big part of their culture, and it is not uncommon to see people dressed in stylish, high-end clothing. On weekends and in casual settings, it is common to see people dressed in designer labels (Culture Trip, 2019). In the cities, such as Brussels and Antwerp, people often follow the latest fashion trends, and it is common to see people wearing the latest designer brands.

In terms of footwear, closed shoes are expected in formal settings, and sandals are acceptable in more casual settings. However, it is always best to wear comfortable and appropriate footwear, especially when walking around the cities, which are known for their cobblestone streets.

The dress code in Belgium can vary depending on the setting and occasion. In formal settings, it is important to dress professionally, while in informal settings, a more relaxed and casual approach is acceptable. (Culture Trip, 2019). Overall, the dress code in Belgium is more formal compared to its neighboring countries, and people in cities like Brussels and Antwerp often follow fashion trends.

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