Dress Code in Rwanda

Rwandese tend to dress modestly and avoid clothes that reveal too much of one’s skin. One will wear depending on what one does; for example, a casual laborer will wear differently from one who does a white color job and different from educational institutions kids, although there are particular situations where Rwandese will dress a common dressing code.

Traditional clothes of the Rwandese were made from hides, skins, and bark cloth (Adekunle, 2007). Adekunle notes that ladies dressed in a cloth known as Musanana comprised of a floor-length skirt with a sash that swathed over one of one’s shoulders. Musanana is worn over either a bustier or a tank top. Ladies decorated their hair with beads and tied them using two ribbons that crossed above the ear and the foreheads.


Men wear Western-style dress shirts, which they tuck into a wrapped skirt of floor-length. During weddings, men can wear a beaded necklace with the outfit. The outfit can also be worn during cultural drama and traditional dance by artists. Men dancers can also wear a wrapped skirt without a shirt with beaded straps over the chest. Mushanana is a Rwanda official cloth used mostly in events like church service attendance, wedding functions, and many other huge events.

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