Tanzanian Merchandise

Tanzania is typically dependent on agriculture but is also known to mine and export gold which totals an approximate sale of USD 2.6 billion. It also exports raw copper and precious metal from mining to countries like the United Arab Emirates, China, Switzerland and China. The agricultural products that the country exports include cashews, coconuts and Brazil nuts which bring about USD 386 to the country (Estmann, Sørensen, Ndulu, & Rand, 2020). Exported dried legumes bring a total of USD 208 million annually. Tanzania’s principal imports are refined copper, which totals about USD 1.55 billion; refined petroleum, which costs about USD 730 million, palm oil which costs the country approximately USD 302 million, packaged medicaments, which totals approximately USD 368 million and wheat that, costs approximately USD 219 million (Estmann et al., 2020). The imports are mainly from the Democratic of Congo in central Africa, South Africa, India and the United Arab Emirates.

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