Study in Cameroon

Education in the republic is exactly the same as anywhere else. Since the end of the colonial era, Cameroon’s education system has yielded impressive results, similar to those seen elsewhere on the African continent (Kuchah, 2016). These results include an increase in the country’s literacy rate as well as the provision of free elementary education to almost all of the country’s rapidly growing youth population. But concerns continue. Even while access to secondary and higher education is still out of reach for many of the poorest areas in the nation, quality problems and fraud continue to afflict most levels of the education system.

The growth of Cameroon’s economy and society will be greatly aided by an improvement in the country’s educational system (Kuchah, 2016). However, a far more significant and pressing challenge awaits the country. Not only do socioeconomic divisions bequeathed from an era of colonial authority harm the quality of the education system in this nation, but they also undermine the prosperity of its people and their overall well-being. This is true throughout a large portion of the remainder of the African continent.

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