Investment opportunity in Seychelles

Historically, the tourism industry has been the primary driver of investment possibilities in the Seychelles. However, in recent years, a more widespread diversification of economic sectors and levels of activity engagement has been noticed in response to the increasing number of chances.

In the interest of attracting and retaining investment, the nation of Seychelles has passed legislation pertaining to the subject. In addition, Seychelles has controls in place to attract foreign investors and promote spill overs from Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) into the economy, which will assist in the creation of employment and will stimulate economic development (Collier et al., 2008).

Because the government believes that Seychellois investors and companies are capable of and able to afford participating in certain commercial development, it has decided that those particular economic activities would continue to be reserved exclusively for Seychellois investors and firms. The Reserved Business Activities Policy, April 2020 outlines the many types of economic endeavors that are set aside exclusively for investors from the Seychelles.

When it comes to evaluating applications to participate in commercial development in the Seychelles, the government acknowledges the significance of foreign engagement and does so while placing certain limitations on the participation. Our WTO Schedule of Specific Commitments will serve as a compass for any request for participation in an economic growth that is not on the list in the Restricted Business Industries Policy, April 2020. This collection of promises denotes market access for foreign involvement in Seychelles, either in part or in its whole.

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