Investment opportunity in Mozambique

The identification of massive gas reserves offshore will be of great assistance to Mozambique in its efforts to promote economic diversification and improve macroeconomic stability. Infrastructural requirements for natural resource-related projects have the potential to initiate a virtuous cycle of private investment. What has the capacity to become the greatest piece of infrastructure in Africa is now being pursued by two major multinational consortiums in the hope of gaining license to exploit vast natural gas resources located off the coast of the province of Cabo Delgado. The expansion of the gas sector might give support for the growth of the country’s electrification via various energy solutions, stimulate sectors such as fertilizer and metal-mechanics, and assist in the transition of agriculture from a subsistence-based model to an agribusiness one. The recent decision made by the administration to commit to a definitive peace accord with the opposition would, first and foremost, maintain stability and strengthen the investment climate. The signing of this agreement will clear the way for the disarmament and social reintegration of the armed forces. Opportunities for export and investment are abundant in the following industries: construction , mining ,¬†fishing, fish farming, tourism, agricultural production, information technology, and business consulting. There are further potential for investment in the education and healthcare sectors, as well as in hydroelectric power production and construction of new infrastructure.

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