Investment opportunities in Malawi

Malawi depends on foreign seaports for external commerce. Laws that prohibit exports, insufficient variety, and a lack of value addition are the defining characteristics of trades. At the moment, Malawi is thinking of passing a bill that would establish Special Economic Zones (SEZs). These zones would hasten the process of industrialization, which would lead to long-term economic growth and development. The Special Economic Zones are designed to encourage value creation. The Special Economic Zone (SEZ) Bill will make it possible to implement a national export strategy, which would allow for the control of exports. The law proposes the creation of multiproduct SEZs for the processing of oil seeds, sugar cane, beverages, and agricultural products. Legumes, mineral, Tea and oil seed exports will also be at the top of Malawi’s exportation agenda. The Government of Malawi will, on occasion, identify priority areas for foreign direct investment. The following industries are now at the top of the government’s priority list: manufacturing, agriculture and agro-processing, tourism, infrastructure, and information and communications technology

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