Famous Food in Chad


Tagalia - Food in Chad

In Chad, this particular cuisine has a significant cultural significance for individuals across different age groups, including both the youth and the elderly. The Tagalia sauce is prepared with a combination of minced beef, tomatoes, salt, onion, and oil. The dumpling is made with flour derived from wheat, maize, or rice.

Moulah daraba

Moulah daraba - Food in Chad

This particular dish has a special place in the hearts of several individuals from Chad, since it is often regarded as their preferred culinary choice. In addition to kissar, this dish incorporates okra, pork, and onions. Moulah Daraba has a smooth and velvety consistency, while the inclusion of okra imparts a delicate thickening property. During the cooking process, the beef undergoes a transformation, resulting in a rich and tender texture. Additionally, the use of onions imparts a subtle sweetness to the meal. When accompanied by the tender and delicate kissar, this food undergoes a transformative process that brings solace and tranquility to both the emotional and spiritual aspects of one’s being. The consumption of [the item being referred to] is often seen during the afternoon period.


Karkandji - Food in Chad


In the country of Chad, this particular culinary creation is often regarded as the most esteemed and highly regarded meal. The dish is prepared with either meat or fish, along with sorrel leaf, a culinary herb often used in cooking and salads. The dish is then seasoned with either peanut paste or sesame flour.



According to several individuals, this particular meal from Chad is often regarded as one of the most exceptional. The dish in question is a culinary preparation of rice combined with either chicken or fish, along with tomato, onion, a specific kind of green pepper, potatoes, and several spices. The act of preparing this dish for dinner or festive events is widely practiced.

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