Dressing code in Tunisia


Because of a number of factors specific to Tunisia, putting together an ideal closet might be a little bit of a challenge. The clothing of the Tunisians reflects the country’s blend of contemporary and traditional values, which is reflective of Tunisia’s status as a mostly Muslim nation.

What kinds of clothing you need to bring on your vacation will be determined by factors such as the climate, the kinds of activities you have planned, and the traditions of the destination. However, in this piece, we thought we’d share some of the things about Tunisian culture that we’ve learnt that may be of use to you.

When you travel around Tunisia, you will notice that people dress differently depending on whatever section of the nation you are in at any given time. The transition from urban to rural settings will provide you with the clearest indication of change.

There are essentially two different civilizations competing with one another to exert their influence on fashion. To begin, Tunisia has deep cultural roots in Europe, particularly in the French tradition. They remained close to France when they stopped being a French protectorate in the 1950s, even though France was no longer their primary diplomatic partner. The Arab legacy of Tunisia is the country’s second most influential cultural factor. Women who practice a more strict form of Islam are often seen wearing hijabs and abayas. In addition to this, there are also certain inspirations from the traditional tribal culture that were thrown into the mix. These influences may still be observed today in certain forms of attire.


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