Dressing Code in Burundi

The traditional dressing code of Burundi is an integral part of the country’s cultural heritage. The clothing worn by the people of Burundi reflects their rich cultural heritage and is used to symbolize their social status and community affiliations. The traditional attire of Burundi is also worn to celebrate important cultural events and festivals (Mworozi, 2018).

The traditional attire of Burundi is called “Imbabazi” for women and “Intambwe” for men. Imbabazi is a long, brightly colored skirt with a matching top and a headscarf, while Intambwe is a long piece of cloth wrapped around the waist and draped over the shoulder (Mworozi, 2018). These traditional clothing items are often made from brightly colored cotton or silk and are decorated with intricate patterns and designs that reflect the wearer’s cultural heritage and beliefs.

In addition to the traditional attire, the people of Burundi also wear “Apa” or face markings. The Apa markings are considered a symbol of beauty and are used to express individuality and cultural heritage. The markings are made using a combination of natural materials, such as charcoal and clay, and are applied to the face in intricate designs (Mworozi, 2018).

Dressing Code

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