Merchandise and Partnership Programs

To meet domestic and international demand, the nation generates over 46 billion cubic feet of natural gas in 2003, and the industry continued to grow in 2005 and subsequent years. There are currently thought to be 1 trillion cubic feet of natural gas reserves in the county. Electricity is produced in the nation mostly through thermal and hydroelectric power facilities (Dinerstein, 2017). The majority of the nation’s energy is produced by thermal power plants. Hydropower accounts for 38% of the nation’s electrical production. Hydroelectric plants are only operating at 63% of their potential.

The country lies on The Brimian Greenstone Belt, a rock formation thought to be 2 billion years old. It is one of the world’s richest gold reserves spanning from Senegal to Ghana. Segera in the northern Warodug region and Tortilla in the Bandama valley are the two main locations for diamond mining. The French business SAREMCI started developing diamonds in the 1940s after their initial discovery in 1928. Ivory Coast has a number of partnership programs not only with neighboring countries but others in Europe and Asia. For instance, the country recently unveiled its partnership with Italy to increase production in the energy based industries.


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