Dressing code in Malaysia

Exhibiting a significant amount of naked skin is often frowned upon, and the extent to which you should cover up might appear shockingly prim and proper. This applies to both men and women. The dress code for locals, whether or not they are Muslim, is heavily influenced by Islamic tradition, which stipulates that both men and women should keep their torsos wrapped. Shirt sleeves, if they are short, should come right down to the elbow, and shorts or skirts must travel down to the knee. Shorts should not be worn above the knee . Particularly when it comes to women, body-hugging clothing is often looked down upon.

It is amazing how frequently the basic requirements indicated above are adhered to, despite the fact that dress regulations tend to be more relaxed in most cities, on beaches, and while participating in athletic activities. Keep in mind, as well, that according to Muslim custom, the bottoms of one’s shoes are deemed dirty since they have been in touch with the filth of the street. Therefore, before to entering any house, whether it be Muslim or not, it is almost universal tradition to remove footwear at the threshold or before walking into any carpeted or matted area. This is the case whether the residence is Muslim or not.

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