Dressing code in India

In India, the dress code varies depending on the occasion, religion, and regional culture. However, there are some general customs that are followed across the country. In formal settings such as business meetings, it is common for men to wear a shirt and trousers with dress shoes, and for women to wear a formal outfit such as a sari or a salwar kameez. In more casual settings, traditional Indian clothing such as the kurta for men and the kurti for women are widely accepted (Gupta, 2018).

It is also important to note that conservative dress is generally preferred in India. This includes covering the arms and legs and avoiding clothing that is too revealing. In religious places, it is often required to dress modestly and remove shoes before entering. For example, in Hindu temples, it is customary to wear traditional Indian clothing and cover the head as a sign of respect (Khan, 2019).

Overall, the dress code in India reflects the country’s rich cultural heritage and emphasizes modesty and respect in different social settings.

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